Gun Yahoos Sighted

My list of things to do this warm January morning included returning a few items to Academy Sports and Outdoors. I live in Texas, so why should it surprise me that just ahead in the return line and later in the purchasing line were a couple of local yahoos stocking up on ammo supplies. The checker said they see these types in every morning, sometimes lining up before the store opens and, at times, one person had bought out the whole supply. Gotta get all they can before Obama takes away their Second Amendment rights. Or before Jesus comes back.

The first thought that goes through my head is a reminder of the Facebook posts I see talking about how safe someone feels because they saw another person carrying a firearm. I live in TEXAS, after all. But, these dudes didn’t look like they should be trusted with a butter knife. Hell, I wouldn’t even loan them my can opener.

In fact, they looked eerily similar to these dudes:


The NRA is watching all this gun control hoopla with their Cheshire Cat frowns, guffawing all their way to the bank as they try not to trip over the bodies of Americans dead by gun violence. It’s just gross how much calls for gun regulation, as well as our now-regular massacres, have the sure result of firearms and ammo flying off the shelves. All the while, the chances of real gun control legislation passing are greater than my two year-old acing the SAT tomorrow. Serenity now, bitches.


3 Responses to Gun Yahoos Sighted

  1. Jodi says:

    Welcome back darlin’!

  2. CWebster says:

    Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for my next Sassy Liberal read! I’m dying over here- it’s stock show season for crying out loud!! Love from FW! 🙂

    • Meredith P says:

      OMG! Love you guys! Brendan has been on me to blog again – and I got the youngest in school so I’m back on the wagon, yo! Thanks for the encouragement!! Cherise, you are in my thoughts and prayers while the stock show is on. I trust you are drinking heavily to self-medicate.

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