Easy Answer on Abortion

People always treat the abortion issue as if it’s this big, complicated, emotional, delicate crystal Molotov cocktail. They approach it as if it even deserves discussion. Boom. Wrong. The idea that you could educate the anti-choice tyrant-wannabees is cute. Laughable, but cute.

In fact, I refuse to debate anyone on the abortion issue. If someone is antiquated enough to believe it should be a criminal offense for a woman to terminate a pregnancy, they are not interested in statistics showing:

1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.


Access to abortion is a major factor in single mothers’ ability to rise above poverty.


By age 45, half of all American women will have an unintended pregnancy.


A hispanic teenager has a greater than 50% chance of getting pregnant before the age of 20.

I could go on and on and on.

But “pro-lifers” (laugh) couldn’t care less. Certainly, not the politicians. I would bet big money that a large percentage of Republican male leaders have both impregnated a female and pressured that same woman to have an abortion. They just use the issue, and women’s rights, autonomy, and quality of life merely as a convenient political strategy.

My approach to the abortion discussion is simple: Your opinion on abortion only matters IF YOU ARE A PREGNANT FEMALE. End of story. If you are not pregnant, than you have no place in the discussion. See? It’s easy. Simple.

The owner of Mississippi’s only abortion clinic said a few days ago on MSNBC that 1, plenty of people are anti-abortion until they need one (refer to previous comments on Republican male leadership) and 2, if women need an abortion, they will find a way to have one. This is what I’m talking about. Even if the religious mini-tyrants (find me one true atheist pro-lifer) succeed in removing access to safe abortions, scores of women resort to dangerous methods to achieve the outcomes they must to survive.

A person’s privacy and civil liberties are not the issue of anyone else. Even women who are not pregnant have no place at the decision-making table. Shut it down. I refuse to entertain any nonsense, let alone engage in the most worthless exercise in futility as attempting to persuade an anti-choicer to change their opinion. I pour cold water on the whole clusterf*&k.

The only opinion on abortion that matters is the woman who must decide whether to proceed with her pregnancy. Everyone else, exit stage left. Condoms and birth control dispensers are available at the door.


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