Hubris: I Was an American Idiot. Part 3

The War Goes Bad Fast

The overthrowing of Saddam Hussein only took a matter of weeks, if not days. The bastard had gone into hiding and their army quickly disbanded. Shock and awe. It seemed like attaining victory would be much easier than we thought. Visions of Iraqis celebrating in the streets as they tore down statues and decimated murals of Saddam were fulfilling, stroking our egos and reinforcing our self-perceptions as benevolent Americans, intent on sharing (not imposing!) our freedoms and democracy.

Soon, however, things started to not feel right. At least, no to this young analyst. My sources in the Iraqi opposition were complaining that the U.S. was not keeping them informed of the goings on and weren’t making strides in helping establish a credible government.

Then the looting started. Iraq has previously been an epicenter of mathematic discovery, a bastion in terms of world academia, modernity, development before Islam and dictatorial rule snuffed it’s beacon for the pursuits of knowledge. Iraqi artifacts were second to none in comparison to the rest of global antiquities. And the black market for such priceless gems of history is boundless and insatiable. Was it surprising the U.S. was wholly illprepared to protect these treasures? Not for this Monday-morning quarterback.

Quickly, Iraqi’s newfound freedoms lead to a mass surge in sectarian violence. The majority of Iraqi Muslims are Shia, also the majority of Muslims in Iran, but the Sunni faction retained control of power in Iraq for centuries. This ended when the American military ended the rule of Saddam Hussein and did not anticipate the horrific civil war that would ensue.

Then an al Qaeda faction settled in, intent on fighting the Americans wherever they could find them. Over the months, as American troop and Iraqi civilian deaths mounted, the media reported time and again that the troops were not properly equipped with adequate armor to prevent the increasingly effective ambushes.

As the Bush administration handed out contracts to favored companies instead of bidding them out, their corporate cronies began their mission of attempting to bring Iraqi oil exports online. War profiteering among FOBs (friends of Bush) began on a mass scale as billions of U.S. dollars were absorbed out of the country, out of sight of the IRS, by American businesses while American troops came home in coffins, missing limbs, or even suffering severe brain damage.

For the life of me, I will never understand why the majority of servicemen and women and veterans vote Republican.

Iraq’s infrastructure was seriously third world. What did work didn’t work most of the time and was easily damaged by various attacking factions. This meant American companies getting their hands on Iraqi oil production was, quite literally, a pipe dream. Promises by Rumsfeld and Cheney that the war would be short, cheap and paid for by Iraqi oil production turned to dust.

The Iraq War had quickly become an unsolvable quagmire, highlighting the sheer stupidity of a president intent on showing up his father, surrounded by profit-hungry supporters, who failed in his primary mission of empowering, to the best of his ability, the U.S. military to find and destroy al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Next Up:

Even With the Iraq War Going SOOOOOOO Wrong, Bush Still Wins Election. So, Yes, This Could Happen Again. Quite Easily, In Fact.

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