WH Didn’t Want to Acknowledge Drone Program

After missing “Up With Chris Hayes” Sunday morning, I caught an extremely important tidbit from the show reported by Politico.

First, let me say that I would be a devoted “upper” if it were not for the demands on my time as wife and mother to my toddler and infant. It is a far more important show than “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” and “This Week.” The significant content varies, tends to be much more relevant than the headlines the other three stick with and the diversity of guests is more than laudable. Sometimes Chris speaks when he should listen and interrupts when he should stay quiet, but I cannot judge one who must command a two-hour show for the same faults I myself commit routinely.

According to Politico today, Robert Gibbs revealed that, upon becoming White House spokesperson, he was instructed not to acknowledge the existence of the drone program. He gives the matter its necessary weight, saying he thought the practice undermined confidence in the administration.

Many, including Dan Rather, assert Obama has not fulfilled his promise of more transparency. Now, I agree that Obama has not been nearly as transparent as many of us had hoped. Obama’s counter that his has been the most transparent administration in history is no real defense. One’s sin cannot be justified because of others’ greater sins. We are all accountable for own actions.

The fact remains, however, that using unilateral executive authority to order the deaths of anyone, let alone American citizens, is wrong.

Our democracy was constructed under the main guiding principle of checks and balances. Certain executive orders and privileges should and do exist. Assassination, however, should not be among them.

The revelation that the Obama administration did not want their voice to address the drone program illustrates an extreme dereliction of duty. As someone who has cast two votes for Barack Obama as president, I demand my executive give full accounting of the history of this military practice and bring it inline with constitutional, legal and moral foundations.

So must all who voted for Obama.

We cannot impugn the Bush administration gravely for their perpetration of torture and then give our representative a pass on KILLING people. It will be the liberals who change Obama’s procedures and we must demand action. Silence is consent. This is not a gray area. There must be action. Now.


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